A Day in your life using Blockchain Technology

A day where #Blockchain technology is used in your life without realising

Your auto alarm wakes you up and orders your Tesla self drive car for precisely 43 minutes after you wake up (AI knows how long you take to get ready)

The car drives to the Solicitors office and you auto pay using your CryptoCurrency ACoin

The journey is saved to Blockchain and you arrive at the office

As you have your Blockchain ID on your phone, the doors open automatically and you meet your solicitor

The final payment is made using ACoin and the documents of property transfer are signed using your Blockchain ID and the transfer is sent to Blockchain to confirm you now own the property

You want to celebrate and enter the pub – your Blockchain ID confirms you are over 18 and you order and bottle of Wine 🍾

To check the provenance of the wine you scan the bottle and see all the history and where the grapes were grown

When you get the confirmation via Blockchain of the purchase, you book flights automatically using AI to Barcelona and pay using ACoin

You arrive in Barcelona and enjoy your new home secure in the knowledge that you officially own this as proven using Blockchain technology

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