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Banks Becoming Technology Companies By Nikhil Vadgama

What a pleasure to finally share the book with Nikhil Vadgama, who is an expert in the financial services world, with significant expertise in DLT and Blockchain technologies. Nikhil has added over 30 pages to Commercializing Blockchain and I thank him for his time and more importantly, his deep expertise in Blockchain/DLT and Financial services […]

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Chapter One – Commercializing Blockchain Complimentary from Wiley

I am very excited to share Chapter One of #commercializingblockchain compliments of the global publishing giant, the publishers of this book Click here to download Chapter One: Commercializing Blockchain – Wiley You can order the book now from and use CBAW9 to get a 20% discount – if you want to really understand […]

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How can we manage and understand our online information and data?

How can we manage our online identity safely? This is a big question in the current world of fake news, tech giants and a massive tsunami of change across the political systems of the world. Many people are becoming not only aware of the value their data has online, but also the fact that they […]

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What Ocado Technology did for #Retail Monzo Bank will do for #banking

What Ocado Technology did for #Retail Monzo Bank will do for #banking šŸ‘ A pleasure to be invited to the Monzo Bank Investival where you can see the power of the #community for the new #challenger #banksĀ  The event was held in two massive conference rooms with hundreds of investors in attendanceĀ  A new level […]

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Commercializing Blockchain launches 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, I reflect on a fantastic year with exciting challenges and some absolutely amazing experiences 👍 My first year at Oracle has been transformational, as I have learnt more about #EmergingTechnology than I could have imagined, together with working with a fantastic hashtag#global team and helping grow some world […]

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How to beat Amazon with Blockchain technology

Interview with Antony Welfare for his keynote presentation at BlockchainLive 2018Ā on Blockchain Retail and Supply chain use cases   I had the pleasure to discuss my thought on Blockchain technology in Retail, Supply Chain and CPG businesses.Ā  I truly believe that adopting Blockchain technology will allow Retailers to compete and event beat Amazon In this […]

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