The Author

Antony Welfare

Antony is one of the leading experts in the Commercial Blockchain space, with significant practical experience working with leading global organisations in developing strategies and implementing enterprise and business blockchain solutions.

Working on over 50 Blockchain technology projects on various Blockchain platforms including; Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Sovrin, Symbol and XRP Ledger. Early investor in many platforms, ICO’s, STO’s and Web 3 projects.

Senior Advisor CBDC at Ripple Labs – Antony looks after the CBDC and digital currency projects and Global partnerships. Since 2020, Antony has directly connected with over 30 Central banks discussing CBDC implementations and helping educate the banks on the future of CBDC built on DLT.

Antony is the author of ‘Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic Applications in the Real World’, which is published by Wiley. The book comprises research and findings from thirteen global experts in blockchain technology, as well his own significant experience in the Blockchain space.

Formerly, Innovation Strategy Director at Oracle Corporation, he developed their Go To Market strategy for blockchain apps in the EMEA region. He also served as Global Managing Director of DXC Technology, where he led their blockchain practice, delivering over 50 projects and building a global team. Later, Antony was Executive Director at NEM Software, where he was responsible for the Enterprise strategy, global partnerships, and business development.

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