Achieving a Trusted Global Supply Chain with Blockchain


OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to building a sustainable global economy by organizing trusted AI-ready Knowledge Assets. Utilizing its unique Decentralized Knowledge Graph and OriginTrail Parachain, it delivers AI-powered semantic search to enterprises and individuals worldwide. It is a decentralized, open ecosystem, where ideas and innovators come together. The ecosystem comes together under a non-profit Trace Alliance Organization – a partnership hub with over 150 members worldwide, enabling collaboration on diverse Decentralized Knowledge Graph topics, exchanging knowledge, experiences, and networking for new opportunities.


In an era of misinformation, information that can be verified can be hard to find. In a Pew Research Center article dating back to 2017, experts were evenly split between on what the future of misinformation will look like – a positive outlook of technological solutions to tackle fake news on one side, and a pessimistic prediction of technology aiding the dark sides of human nature. It looks as if the latter was the correct prediction, with the latest trend – artificial intelligence – confirming this by spreading fake news or inventing sources by itself. The founders of OriginTrail Ziga Drev and Tomaz Levak explain that this new trend is a perfect opportunity for the ecosystem to prove itself by verifying the validity of information given by AI chatbots.


The lack of verifiable information was highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic – the number of suppliers soared and it was hard to keep track of all the medical equipment that was sent, including its quality. During that time, the supply chain issue caught the eye of OriginTrail which partnered with the United Kingdom’s standards body – BSI – to build a Trusted COVID-19 Essential Supplies Repository.

Another interesting use case is OriginTrail‘s partnership with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) which partnered with them to unify the European rail system into a comprehensive network of shared data and resources. The solution combines a decentralized EPCIS repository with an open-source data-indexing middleware – OriginTrail

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Tackling transparency and trust issues within various global supply chains
  • Enabling individuals and organizations to turn their supply chain data into discoverable and verifiable AI-grade Knowledge Assets
  • Increasing interoperability of data by turning Knowledge Assets into a foundation for various business applications
Further Info

European Commission’s Competence Centre on Foresight: “OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making global supply chains work together by enabling a universal, collaborative and trusted data exchange (interoperability), connecting rather than replacing legacy IT systems (interconnectivity), and ensuring data immutability through blockchain (integrity). The ecosystem builds on principles of neutrality, inclusiveness, and usability and contributes to more transparent, collaborative, fair, and trusted global supply chains.”


Research by Andrej in November 2023.

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