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Personalised Medicine solution Supply chain on Blockchain


Combining Corda and Sovrin technologies

Cordentity is a self-contained CorDapp identity service that integrates Hyperledger Indy, for decentralized identity, with the R3 Corda Platform. This project creates interoperability of two purpose-built ledger technologies, each with a focus on privacy. Corda is designed to enable private transact and Indy is a ledger built specifically for self-sovereign identity.

The combination of Indy’s digital identity and the Corda platform has business applications across multiple industries. Corda provides P2P flows with flexible and configurable logic over the immutable states. Where the Indy project brings strong cryptographic instruments to operate with private data. The integrated platforms reinforce each other and allows building complicated scenarios.

Use case to demonstrate the Cordentity integration in a Personalized Health Care Supply Chain. This system provides trustworthy sharing of a patients’ private information and maintains extensive control of shared information.

The parties in this use case would usually be Insurance Providers, Patients, Hospitals, Personal Medicine Manufacturers and Government Agencies. The sensitive information may include patient’s age, nationality, results of medical analyses or guarantee of insurance coverage.

With Cordentity solution, patient’s personal data is disclosed only to the eligible parties and only to the extent required in each particular business case.


An example of personalized medicine supply chain


Benefits & Outcomes

Self-Sovereign Identity increases privacy and trust in supply chain

-Personal data is kept privately and not shared with external participants

-Participants’ data is verifiable and immutable against fraud

-Partial data visibility

-Isolated pairwise relationships between participants

Further Info

Personalized medicine supply chain

  • Trusted Identity backed by credentials
  • Patient privacy is preserved
  • Digital proof of every change of custody is tracked
  • Quality certificates are attached to the package
  • Embedded license and certification enforcement

Personalized Health Care Supply Chain connects patients and providers of medical services. The system allows sharing private patients’ information while providing extensive control over the usage of that information.

The Business Case:

This project deals with a confined use case of creating personalised medicine and delivering them to a specific patient. The connected parties in this case are Patients, Treatment Centers and Medicine Manufacturers. The protected information may include results of medical tests, DNA information or personal information such as patient’s age or nationality.

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