Use Cases

Retail Blockchain Consortium


The Retail Blockchain Consortium (RBC) explores and advances the usage of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) within the retail value chain. The RBC facilitates collaboration, the pooling of resources and platforms,  knowledge transfer, and mitigation of risks in the adoption of DLT for its members. The consortium is a global collaboration led by MonoChain, UCL & Oracle including leading retailers, universities, technology companies, Blockchain companies and service providers. The  RBC is a not-for-profit organization.

Benefits & Outcomes

Mission & Vision

The aim is to share deep knowledge of Blockchain technology via the Retail Blockchain Consortium.  This will enable key players in the retail value chain, to understand the practical challenges of the deployment of Blockchain technology at scale across global organisations.  The consortium will provide resources for academic and commercial partners, to leverage this innovative transformational technology for specific retail value chain use cases.

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