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Global Shipping Business Network to transform the global shipping industry with Blockchain

Shipping is an extremely complex business for shippers, ocean carriers, terminal operators, and other parties involved with shipping ocean freight better visibility and real-time access to information is critical to success. To be able to better plan, gain efficiencies that can reduce the costs, and reduce the risk of disruptions, they need deeper insight into […]

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Full tracking and transfer of ownership of e-commerce packages

Intelipost a Brazilian-based Transportation Management SaaS for logistics that allows e-commerce retailers to lower shipping costs, improve control, and achieve better delivery SLAs. Aiming to become the main freight management platform in Brazil, Intelipost is one of the world’s pioneers in the use of the Oracle Blockchain Platform.┬áThe service allows organizations to build blockchain networks […]

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Personalised Medicine solution Supply chain on Blockchain

Combining Corda and Sovrin technologies Cordentity is a self-contained CorDapp identity service that integrates Hyperledger Indy, for decentralized identity, with the R3 Corda Platform. This project creates interoperability of two purpose-built ledger technologies, each with a focus on privacy. Corda is designed to enable private transact and Indy is a ledger built specifically for self-sovereign […]

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