Month: July 2019

Chapter One – Commercializing Blockchain Complimentary from Wiley

I am very excited to share Chapter One of #commercializingblockchain compliments of the global publishing giant, the publishers of this book Click here to download Chapter One: Commercializing Blockchain – Wiley You can order the book now from and use CBAW9 to get a 20% discount – if you want to really understand […]

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How can we manage and understand our online information and data?

How can we manage our online identity safely? This is a big question in the current world of fake news, tech giants and a massive tsunami of change across the political systems of the world. Many people are becoming not only aware of the value their data has online, but also the fact that they […]

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A Day in your life using Blockchain Technology

A day where #Blockchain technology is used in your life without realising Your auto alarm wakes you up and orders your Tesla self drive car for precisely 43 minutes after you wake up (AI knows how long you take to get ready) The car drives to the Solicitors office and you auto pay using your […]

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Worldwide launch of #commercializingblockchain – 20th August 2019

Time is getting closer for the #Worldwide launch of #commercializingblockchain which will be take place at the world famous #CeasarsPalace in #LasVegas I will keynote in the morning on 20th August and the book signing will take place in the evening To pre-order your copy of Commercializing Blockchain by Antony Welfare please click on this […]

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