Our Founder & CEO

Experienced in developing Enterprise Blockchain since 2017:

  • Innovation Strategy Director – Oracle Corporation – Launched Oracle BaaS, T&T, Provenance 
  • Managing Director Blockchain Practice – DXC Technology – Led over 50 Projects (Insurance, Healthcare and Finance)
  • Executive Director – Symbol (NEM) – Launched a Layer one DLT
  • Strategic Advisor – Ripple Labs – 8 CBDC deals globally and 30+ Central and Commercial partnerships
  • Founder Member Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Author: Commercializing Blockchain – Strategic applications in the Real world
  • Government and academic advisor – U.K. Gov advisor, UCL, NOVA, DEA 


Antony has been at the forefront of Blockchain technology since 2017 when he first invested in Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH). Believing in the transformational opportunity Blockchain in Enterprise can deliver, Antony joined Oracle corporation to deliver the first supply chain solutions on Blockchain (Track and Trace and provenance) and was one of the founder members of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance with a focus on Supply chain and retail (his previous career)

After focussing on supply chain solutions using Hyperledger fabric, Antony moved to DXC technology to lead the global Blockchain practice working on over 50 projects from insurance to healthcare, developing with Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda

Realising that hybrid Blockchain was the better solution for Enterprise scale, Antony joined NEM ($XEM) protocol and launched the Enterprise focussed Symbol ($XYM) layer one for use with Enterprise solutions

During this time, payments become a critical Blockchain powered solution which Antony wanted to explore and develop more. In 2021, Antony joined Ripple to help grow the usage of the public XRP Ledger ($XRP). Developing out the solution for CBDC and stablecoins, Antony worked with over 30 Central banks globally, launching the first USD backed stablecoin on the XRPL and developing a number of solutions using CBDC

In 2020, Antony published Commercializing Blockchain, with Wiley, focussing on strategic applications of Blockchain technology in the real world. The book comprises research and findings from thirteen global experts in blockchain technology, as well his own significant experience in the Blockchain space.

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