Use Cases

Antony Stores Group (ASG)

Antony Stores Group (ASG) Retail Business Illustration Throughout the book we will be using our own fictional retail business called ‘Antony Stores Group’ or ‘ASG’. This is a large retail business experiencing many of the issues retailers and brands face in the current world. Using ASG, we will illustrate the uses of Blockchain technology in […]

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Cordentity – Sharing your data without losing control

Cordentity is an identity Corda application (CorDapp) that brings Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) capabilities to other CorDapps. In other words, Cordentity = Corda + Identity. We developed Cordentity to take advantage of SSI capabilities enabled by Hyperledger Indy. As there’s no official definition of Self Sovereign Identity, it’s important to clarify that Hyperledger Indy is […]

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Retail Blockchain Consortium

The Retail Blockchain Consortium (RBC) explores and advances the usage of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) within the retail value chain. The RBC facilitates collaboration, the pooling of resources and platforms,  knowledge transfer, and mitigation of risks in the adoption of DLT for its members. The consortium is a global collaboration led by MonoChain, UCL & […]

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MonoChain Solution in a nutshell

MonoChain offers a ledger based on blockchain technology that shows who owns what, who is an authorized licensee, and so on, would enable everyone in the supply chain, including consumers and customs authorities, to validate a genuine product and distinguish it from a fake. MonoChain allows for provenance authentication, since verifiable details can be recorded […]

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Personalised Medicine solution Supply chain – Luxoft-DXC

Combining Corda and Sovrin technologies An example of personalized medicine supply chain  

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