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Developed by a team of Blockchain experts and in conjunction with a number of institutions and Academia, the CBRC Use Case Register will help you understand what is really happening with Blockchain technology in the Real world

One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of Blockchain Technology is the regulated world of compliance, namely AML and KYC (Anti-money Laundering and Know Your Customer). In a world of Decentralised technology – who is responsible for this and how is this completed to help keep the customer/user happy (i.e with privacy) and keep […]

In most countries when you are buying land, you have to go through a long process of registering the land, to ensure clarity of ownership rights. In reality there are differing levels of land registry sophistication – in some countries the land registries are more or less complete, however, in many countries the registries are […]

HYPHA DAO is a SaaS software developed on the Telos Blockchain to provide digital tools to run Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Essentially, Hypha DAO enables the building of DAOs. Hypha DAO Recognizing the evolving aspirations of the global workforce towards greater participation, transparency, autonomy, and better compensation, Hypha’s DAO toolkit addresses these needs in ways […]

With the Kodelab HELOC (Home equity line of credit) solution, End-users can drawdown and repay any amount of CBDC/stablecoin up to a certain LTV (Loan To Value), at their discretion, simplifying and making more accessible the ‘revolving credit facility’, over the standard fixed-term loan. Credit-created funds can hugely increase the liquidity within any payments ecosystem. […]

One of the biggest challenges facing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is the ability to pay Merchants using digital assets. Frii Pay’s mission is to directly connect the XRPL to the existing 50+ million retail smart POS devices across the globe – enabling Merchants and Consumers access to web 3 products, services and experiences at […]

Caffè Barbera, the oldest roasting company in Italy with over 150 years of history, does not stop technological progress: to guarantee complete traceability and absolute transparency regarding its supply chain process, it uses, among the first companies in the sector, the technology blockchain, in a completely decentralized way with respect to the entire supply chain. […]

The primary objective of the PSC Pilot Project was to assess different use cases and proposed benefits brought by the PSC, in a controlled environment and during a determined period, where up to 200 volunteers from among the Palau government’s executive branch employees would making purchases at a select number of retailers onboarded in this […]

Sig Verify stands as an avant-garde solution in the realm of document signing and signature verification, leveraging the advancements in blockchain technology, specifically built on the XRP Ledger. Its core objective is to transition the conventional method of document signing from traditional e Signatures and digital signatures to a digitized and tokenized format, thereby enhancing […]

Balize embodies the convergence of traditional investment strength and advanced technology, offering innovative pathways for investment. Positioned as a financial platform, they specialize in issuing, managing, and trading digital securities within the real estate sector. Their mission is to democratize access to private markets through the tokenization of exploitation rights. As the issuer of tokens […]

In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, users are losing more and more of their privacy. With centralized platforms, users have to trust that these platforms will not leak their sensitive information, which could result in identity theft and identity usurpation. Users need a way to manage their identity, ideally in a sovereign […]

Certified Origins Italia was born from the desire to produce and export high-quality extra virgin Italian olive oil (Bellucci) with the best possible certification, both at the level of individual raw materials and their processing. Over the years, the company acquired much experience in managing the traceability of its products and even developed an app […]

Solana Pay is an open payments framework free-to-use built on the Solana blockchain. It is available to millions of merchants as an integration on Shopify. Solana Pay permits payments with instant settlement and near-zero gas fees, all in a stable way thanks to the use of USDC. With Solana Pay, merchants can accept payments without […]

Sage Management is a company that operates in the telecom industry and built a blockchain solution to optimize telecom companies’ operations functions, with a focus on cost savings, efficiency, privacy and scalability. The company uses Ethereum and Linea’s zkEVM. Sage’s use of Ethereum originated early 2023 when the company took part of a project called […]

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