Identity Management

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Common Identity Proofing Across platforms

  • Digital/Trusted credentials to access platform programs and services.  
  • Trusted Identity Information:
    • Accurate, up-to-date identity information is made available to partners for authenticating users to access programs and services where identity is required.

Identity management is a hot topic and there are many trials and tests on this use case.  Digital iDenity (DiD) can help:

  • Manage peoples identity securely and allow them control over its’ usage
  • Tokenized identity for trading online – making it easier and safer to shop with retailers
  • Easier to prove entitlements – i.e Proof of age, proof of address etc 
  • Identity proofing based on mobile app – using your smartphone as your ID for everything you may need in your daily life
  • Once verified, iID can be linked to proofing documents/attestations

Identity Management benefits and outcomes

Let’s look at a few benefits of implementing DiD using Blockchain technology: 

  • Users can also leverage DiD in the commercial sector for opening bank accounts, utility registration, etc.
  • An institution (e.g., a bank or utility) can prompt the user for DiD
  • User’s mobile app is notified of the request, and upon user’s permission will authorize the system to share information
  • User sign up to organizations is simplified and accelerated
  • Relevant personal reputation info can be tracked with DiD
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