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Tokenization is an exciting new world powered by Blockchain technology.  When we mention tokenization, we are talking about using a token for transactions and converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a Blockchain.

We are in essence “digitalizing” an asset current or new onto the Blockchain where it can be referenced, shared, sold, transferred and tracked for infiniteum.

The process of asset tokenization creates a number of benefits:

  1. Tokens for liquidity
  2. Tokens for globalisation
  3. Tokens for global commerce
  4. Tokens for new assets
  5. Tokens take us beyond money

Tokenization benefits and outcomes

  • Opportunity to monetize assets which were not possible before 
  • Ability to trade fractional ownership on assets that are not possible now (real estate, art, diamonds etc.)
  • Opens markets to smaller players, through removing the need for transportation of physical assets.
  • Increased global trade and the opportunity to develop new markets with direct and instant trade.
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