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We have a team of researchers who are continually adding Use Cases and we also have launched the “CBRC Use Case Submission form” where anybody, from anywhere in the world can submit their Blockchain Use Case Project 

Our team will review the details of the Use Case Project and either accept or reject the Use Case Project 

If the Use Case Project is accepted, the Use Case Project will be submitted to the CBRC Scoring process.  The team will then assign a CBRC Use Case Score for the Use Case Project and issue a certificate on the XRP Ledger 

All accepted Use Case Projects, are eligible for a recorded interview with our CEO or Senior team member, where the Use Case Project owner can share the details of the project face to face with the CBRC team

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What is the Project and what are the key points?
What is the reason for the project ? What problem is the solution trying to solve?
What are the benefits of using Blockchain Technology for this project?
Including Blockchain(s) used
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