Month: October 2022

Countries may switch to public blockchain solutions in the future

  Ripple Advisor Predicts Countries May Use Public Blockchains Countries may switch to public blockchain solutions in the future, according to Ripple advisor Antony Welfare Antony Welfare, senior advisor at Ripple, says countries may decide to use public blockchain solutions in the long term during a recent conversation with Ripple CTO David Schwartz on the Block […]

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Block Stars with David Schwartz and Antony Welfare: Central Bank Digital Currencies

The latest episode of Block Stars features David Schwartz and Antony Welfare—Senior Advisor at Ripple—to discuss the opportunity for DLT technology to support a CBDC system, global adoption and more.

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CBDC’s with Tokyo University and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

CBDC interview with leaders from Japan and India, discussing CBDC’s progress and future adoption  

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NFT Commemorative Coin, Antony Welfare and Miguel Bello

My name is Antony welfare I’m senior advisor for CBDC here at Ripple, and I’m very excited to welcome Miguel Bello from Nova SBE from the University in Portugal I wanted to bring NOVA SBE University into the UBRI program and thanks to Lauren and the team for accepting them Miguel’s going to talk about […]

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DEA Techy Tuesday | Episode 1 – Ripple’s CBDC Technology

In the first episode of this new series, Valentin Seehausen interviews Antony Welfare and Anthony Ralphs from Ripple on its CBDC technology. Enjoy this fun-techy conversation! Participants of the episode: Antony Welfare (Senior Advisor in Global Partnerships CBDC, Ripple) Anthony Ralphs (Lead Product Manager CBDC, Ripple) Valentin Seehausen (Board Member, DEA)  CREDIT: DEA

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