Areiel Wolanow

Areiel is the managing director of Finserv Experts, an independent consultancy providing delivery and advisory leadership services in technology‐enabled business transformation for banking, insurance, and financial markets worldwide. Areiel has led Blockchain implementations for global financial enterprises, such as HSBC and Lloyd’s of London. He has advised central banks and financial regulators in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East on Blockchain adoption, and is currently an expert advisor for the UK Parliament’s working group on Blockchain. He is passionate about financial inclusion and has spoken at the G20 about the potential of DLT and other emerging technologies to revolutionize how banking and insurance are made available in parts of the world that would derive the most benefit from them.

Commercializing Blockchain Caesar’s Palace

Commercializing Blockchain Caesar’s Palace

Aeriel Wolanow Commercializing Blockchain

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