Emma McClarkin

After first being elected to the European Parliament representing the East Midlands in 2009, Emma joined the Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) in early 2012. By 2014, Emma was appointed as the ECR Group Coordinator for the committee, meaning that she is the lead MEP in the Group on Trade matters. This includes the EU‐US trade deal, the Trade in Services Agreement and the EU‐China Investment Agreement.

Emma has been at the forefront of opening up trade deals and modernizing some of those already in place, such as the trade pillar of the Global Agreement with Mexico and the free trade agreement with Australia. Emma also represents the ECR on the Parliament’s WTO Steering Committee and both the INTA steering groups on Brexit and the US.

Emma works extensively on policy relating to emerging technologies and the Digital Single Market. As part of her work on INTA, she was the first MEP to publish an Own Initiative report that considers the use of Blockchain in a specific policy area. Emma is also a Substitute Member of the Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and Culture and Education Committee. As part of these portfolios, Emma has worked on cybersecurity, Copyright in the Digital Single Market and most recently the EU regulation to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online.

As part of her expertise in blockchain policymaking, Emma has spoken at and worked with several organizations and industry stakeholders including the European Centre for International Political Economy, Allied for Startups and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain in the House of Commons.

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