Peter Bambridge

Peter has over 30 years of experience providing consulting services and software solutions to the retail and consumer goods industries. As part of Oracle’s Global Consumer Markets team, Peter focuses on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and IoT and how they can be utilized in the industry. Peter creates and maintains industry solutions that are focused on addressing specific industry needs. Previously Peter was an independent industry analyst and consultant to the retail, fashion and consumer packaged goods industry, providing recommendations and services addressing product life cycle management, sales and marketing, supply chain and IT strategies. Prior to that, Peter worked in business development, sales and consulting roles across a number of companies providing solutions to retail and consumer goods customers, which allowed him to acquire strong competencies in diverse areas such as supply chain, product life cycle management, ERP, planning and forecasting, with a deep expertise in the unique requirements of the retail and consumer goods sector. Peter has a BSc in Nuclear Engineering from Queen Mary, London University.

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