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NFT Commemorative Coin, Antony Welfare and Miguel Bello

My name is Antony welfare I’m senior advisor for CBDC here at Ripple, and I’m very excited to welcome Miguel Bello from Nova SBE from the University in Portugal I wanted to bring NOVA SBE University into the UBRI program and thanks to Lauren and the team for accepting them Miguel’s going to talk about […]

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2022 is the year of the #NFT – Here is my first #metawatches collection

2022 is the year of the #NFT according to lots of experts….and I agree 👍 I have now purchased a collection of #metawatches from MetaWatches on OpenSea. After being a #Cryptokitty holders for years (and losing the wallet with them in!!) I have rejoined the NFT space with my current favourite project. I love the idea of “#phygital” where we merge the virtual and […]

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