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Banks Becoming Technology Companies By Nikhil Vadgama

What a pleasure to finally share the book with Nikhil Vadgama, who is an expert in the financial services world, with significant expertise in DLT and Blockchain technologies. Nikhil has added over 30 pages to Commercializing Blockchain and I thank him for his time and more importantly, his deep expertise in Blockchain/DLT and Financial services […]

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Chapter One – Commercializing Blockchain Complimentary from Wiley

I am very excited to share Chapter One of #commercializingblockchain compliments of the global publishing giant, the publishers of this book Click here to download Chapter One: Commercializing Blockchain – Wiley You can order the book now from and use CBAW9 to get a 20% discount – if you want to really understand […]

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Where Should You Start With Enterprise Blockchain Technology For Your Business Challenges?

  How to identify the #blockchain solution?   Once you know that blockchain #technology is the likely solution, you need to validate this and then investigate how this will be delivered and with which blockchain solution. As with all technology, there is not just one blockchain-based solution; rather, there are many different blockchain solutions, and […]

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