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Reatilexperten: “Blockchain handlar inte längre om bitcoin”

A pleasure to be featured in Dagens Handel talking about the impacts of #Blockchain technology in the #retail sector “Blockchains are more about trust, transparency and authenticity than technology. That is what the British retail expert Antony Welfare says. – Blockchain is no longer bitcoin, it’s not about currencies, it’s a whole new world and […]

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Omnichannel retailers can now compete and beat Amazon!

Over the last few weeks I have been presenting my thoughts on Blockchain in Retail Value chain, and sharing the use cases which are being looked at in Retail. I have also shared what Oracle is building for clients using Blockchain technology, which provides details on some real life use cases happening right now The […]

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Autumn Speaking line up: How Blockchain will transform the Retail Value Chain

As I arrive back from summer holidays, I realise that the next two months are full of conference keynotes in the UK and Europe, where I will be talking about how I believe that #Retail, #Ecommerce and #omnichannel will be transformed by #Blockchain technology. I have been working in this area for around three years, […]

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How to beat Amazon with Blockchain technology

Interview with Antony Welfare for his keynote presentation at BlockchainLive 2018 on Blockchain Retail and Supply chain use cases   I had the pleasure to discuss my thought on Blockchain technology in Retail, Supply Chain and CPG businesses.  I truly believe that adopting Blockchain technology will allow Retailers to compete and event beat Amazon In this […]

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