Blockchain Powering the Supply Chain Evolution in Coffee and Cocoa


Farmer Connect, a tech company headquartered in Switzerland, specializes in providing traceability solutions for global supply chains. Their primary focus is on delivering trusted and auditable data on sustainability, addressing compliance requirements, and facilitating reporting. The company’s ultimate goal is to establish a scalable and interoperable end-to-end solution that commences from the source and extends all the way to the end consumer.

Farmer Connect offers a range of three products. The first one, ThankMyFarmer™, is a web-based application that allows users to scan the secure QR code present on partner brand coffee and cocoa packages using their camera-equipped smartphones. By doing so, they gain access to detailed information about the product’s origin and authenticity. This unique feature is made possible through Scantrust, a Swiss anti-counterfeiting and product traceability solution that employs secure QR codes. Through a visual product journey map, consumers can trace the origins of the coffee and cocoa while learning more about the producers. The second product, FarmerID, is a digital wallet solution based on Self-Sovereign Identity. It empowers farmers by enabling them to connect with the agricultural supply chain and establish their own digital identity. Additionally, it allows them to maintain a record of their financial transactions, providing them with greater control and transparency. Lastly, ConnectHub serves as a blockchain-based portal that integrates all of Farmer Connect’s tools. This platform facilitates the management of data across multiple stakeholders throughout the supply chain. By utilizing ConnectHub, users gain visibility into the product and fund journeys, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations.


Many coffee brands promote and claim to practice fair trade, but the majority of coffee farmers in developing countries, who produce the majority of the world’s coffee, have not benefited much from these efforts. To address this issue, it is crucial to revamp the coffee supply chain by enhancing transparency, efficiency, and fostering mutually beneficial economic transactions. By incorporating blockchain technology into the coffee supply chain, growers can track the destination of their beans, while consumers can trace the origin of their coffee. This innovative solution ensures that growers receive fair payments for their crops and adhere to sustainable practices. Moreover, it empowers consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding their coffee purchases.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Mapping supply chain from beginning to end
  • Adhering to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance requirements
  • Delivering transparency to end consumers
Further Info

Nestlé: “Improving farm economics and ensuring viable futures for farmers are essential if we are to achieve long-term supplies of safe, quality raw materials.”


Live. You can explore the ThankMyFarmer app here.
Research by Andrej in November 2023.

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