Blockchain providing traceability in healthcare


BAIOTRAZE is a management and compliance platform that provides traceability for growers

As cannabis becomes more mainstream around the world, the need to create product quality assurance to consumption-related law enforcement is growing exponentially.

The Solution

Baiotraze is a management and compliance platform that provides traceability for growers, allows government oversight and provides the means for investors to see how production and harvests are progressing in real time. The management platform sits on Symbol blockchain, which allows for the registration and tracking of each cannabis strain, ensuring confidence in the quality of medical and recreational cannabis and also adherence to government regulations.

“Symbol Blockchain technology becomes vital in issues that relate trust and business, to that extent, for BAIOTRAZE, Symbol has been fundamental for its functionalities of rapid technological implementation, simplicity in its learning and robustness in its design and architecture.”

Fernando Gutierrez
Benefits & Outcomes

Baiotraze is successfully working with 3 different growers in Columbia in, plus nutrient lines for other growers. In addition to using Symbol private chain, Baiotraze is exploring the potential of adding IOT to capture light, humidity, climate control etc on chain to identify optimum conditions for each strain of cannabis, which can then be passed on the growers to improve crop performance and yield.

Automatically generate MICC movement reports supported by Blockchain technology:

  • Entry movements
  • Planting movements
  • Crop movements
  • Exit movements
  • Loss movements

Allows you to have traceability of your cultivation process in Real time:

  • Germination
  • Rooting
  • Vegetative
  • Bloom
  • Drying

Further Info

“In an interview with the prestigious Caracol Radio media in the coffee-growing country, Juan Guillermo Rivera, founder of the company, pointed out that the proposal called Baiotraze is a software that allows consumers to track the respective medical cannabis processes to know what they just bought.

According to Rivera, the platform for now, although it was designed for medicinal cannabis, pointed out that in the future its application could be extended to other areas so that the consumer can manage all the information concerning the cultivation and the final production process. .

The application works in a similar way to others developed for monitoring production processes by the consumer: a QR code that is scanned by the application allows knowing the immutable and decentralized record of all information about the product, from the origin of the seed to the final production in a pharmaceutical company.

For Rivera, the use of technology from the so-called fourth industrial revolution will allow Colombia to position itself in the global arena so that it can compete with technology and develop good agricultural practices.”

From Cointelegraph interview


This project is live and launched in 2020

Researched by Antony November 2022

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