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Blockchain Technology Adds Transparency to Olive Oil Industry


Certified Origins Italia was born from the desire to produce and export high-quality extra virgin Italian olive oil (EVOO) with the best possible certification, both at the level of individual raw materials and their processing. Over the years, the company acquired much experience in managing the traceability of its products and even developed an app that can trace each bottle of extra virgin olive oil produced back to its birthplace. To meet consumer demand for certified, high-quality food products, Certified Origins Italia is utilizing the Oracle Blockchain Platform to track and trace the Bellucci brand EVOO from their Italian bottling facility to the port of arrival in the US. This implementation of blockchain technology is a continuation of Certified Origins’ commitment to providing greater food supply chain transparency.

Business Challenge

  • Meet customer demand for full transparency related to extra virgin olive oil provenance by creating a single source of truth to reflect the origin of shipments of EVOO from the bottling facility to the port of arrival in the US
  • Streamline processes and information exchange between the company and its business partners—such as olive growers, processors, quality controllers, packagers, and distributors
  • Reduce operational costs incurred by current certification procedures and paper-based processes for shipments from Italy to the US


  • Enabled portability of information across a critical portion of the Certified Origins supply chain by connecting the companies’ diverse production and transportation management software via Oracle REST APIs for blockchain to update and query information in the distributed ledger
  • Reduced operational costs and human errors by automating each step of traceability from the bottling facility in Italy to the US ports—increasing mutual trust, willingness to share information, and collaboration towards meeting common goals
  • Implemented smart contracts to establish commercial terms and give parties access to an immutable record of their agreements—reducing delays along the supply chain while eliminating contract-related disputes and execution errors and increasing trust and collaboration along the supply chain
Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits: Tracking, Transparency, Improved Trust and Cost Savings

Seller Benefits:

  • Authorised marketplace
  • Trusted transactions
  • Auditable sales
  • Increased revenue

Quality Compliance Benefits:

  • No Illegal trading
  • Only Authorized sellers & buyers
  • Traceable records
  • Visibility and security throughout Supply Chain

Retailer/Reseller Benefits:

  • Traceability of source
  • Fraud free transactions
  • No recalls
  • No bad quality supply
  • Credible reputation
Further Info

Certified Origins is brand management company who commercializes different extra virgin olive oil from fruit grown the family farms.

Use Case – Blockchain will be implemented in order to certificate the supply chain of the oil producer, through the phases of production, packaging and shipment

  • Product Provenance Tracking
  • Production quality & ingredients testing visibility
  • Product journey tracking (temperature, etc.)
  • Change of ownership and custody verification
  • Paperless logistics
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