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IoDLT, is using Blockchain to secure, record and monitize data from a wide array of sources, including IoT devices.  Data, as it stands, is improperly managed.  Sourcing data should be secure, easily integrated, and properly incentivized. This is where IoDLT have an innovative Blockchain solution.

The solution

Symbol Blockchain makes it easy for IoDLT to verify and secure the massive amounts of data that surround us. The API solution from Symbol means IODLT’S solutions can read and write from the blockchain and the scalable architecture means that the solution can be scaled to fit different clients workloads.

This means that whether you are an SME, Medical Office or Enterprise, IODLT can offer secure end-to-end blockchain and IoT solutions that scale to meet clients’ demands.

What is Ant$?

Data is the world’s most recent, and arguably, most valuable commodity. Businesses ranging from small to enterprise gather, analyze, and utilize data to improve their operations. However, data has gone far past merely detecting trends. While data aggregation of this scale occurs already, it’s often done using archaic, proprietary methods. 

There is no common protocol for data aggregation. Not only is there no common protocol – but in many cases, the customer does not know what data is being gathered, or even if it is being gathered at all. Privacy and security for both the customer and the business are huge considerations when it comes to relevant data aggregation.

During times of disasters, wars, and pandemics, timely information becomes extremely valuable. Timely, relevant health data on such high-risk segments of the population is crucial to decision makers

An over-the-norm spike in pharmacies sales of over-the-counter cough and congestion medicines could sound the alarm bells for the local government. However, pharmacies’ sales data are proprietary and closely guarded. With the lack of relevant data, by the time governments had the chance to react to COVID-19, they were well behind the curve. Had the relevant medical data been available, there could have been sufficient warning and less subsequential damage.

ANT$ solves this by providing a protocol for gathering real time data in a streamlined fashion. It records relavent data directly to Symbol, and ensures the integrity and provanence of the data is intact.


Using the Symbol blockchain, IoDLT has created Axon, a multipurpose, IoT device that interacts directly with Symbol exclusively.  Axon can use a multitude of sensors to fulfill a variety of industry needs, including supply chain, medical, alternative energy and asset tracking use cases. The data from Axon propagates directly through Symbol, with no intermediary server to ensure the data’s integrity is kept.  ANT$ is IoDLT’s decentralized, permissioned data aggregation protocol that uses Symbol to incentive data gathering.   Axon integrates with ANT$ to provide seamless and secure IoT and M2M interactions with the option of incentivizing data.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • No Central Servers – All of our solutions leverage blockchain to provide an end-to-end, fault-tolerant solution.
  • Securing IoT 0 We utilize blockchain and cryptography to secure and record relevant data coming from IoT devices.
  • Data Moneteization & Aggregation – ANT$ is IoDLT’s decentralized, permissioned, data aggregation protocol that uses Symbol to incentivize data gathering
Further Info

“IoDLT disrupts and democratizes the emerging multi-billion dollar blockchain industry. IoDLT focuses on the deployment of Symbol-based blockchain solutions in real-life business applications including healthcare, logistics, asset tracking, data aggregation, and IoT. IoDLT’s solutions are made possible by Symbol’s highly performant, secure, affordable, and modular blockchain.”

Bader Youssef
Founder, IoDLT


The project is live

Researched by Antony November 2021

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