Healthcare platform uses blockchain to digitize processes and revolutionize healthcare experience


Ever thought that healthcare experience as a patient might be too paper-based, slow and inefficient? Rymedi thought the same, and decided to change that. Rymedi’s vision is to revolutionize precision health, connecting people across the globe to personalized care with their health marketplace. They want to act as a digital bridge that takes labs beyond their physical confines, providing an integrated ecosystem that connects labs, patients, healthcare providers, and business customers.

Utilizing a secure & scalable platform built on the Avalanche blockchain as well as an elegant cloud-designed architecture, the platform guarantees the highest standards of security, scalability, and efficiency to streamline the transfer of health records to remove barriers between patients and providers. Their blockchain-enabled platform consists of simple solutions that allow patients to take control of their health information. They securely link the patient, provider, institution, employer, and lab. They aim to create a marketplace of health solutions with each module optimized for a client’s unique needs.

Rymedi’s platform helps improve diagnostic testing allowing more testing with better accuracy, real-time report to patient a continuous engagement between patient and providers. Rymedi’s platform also allows labs to improve their clinical research process. Essentially, Rymedi’s goal is to create an “all-in-one” platform where they consolidate your medical exams, diagnostics, background checks, toxicology, and training records to simplify patient experience.

Through a transformative digital workflow and compliance engine, Rymedi automates manual and paper-based processes, resulting in elevated testing throughput and reduced operational costs. For patients, the platform introduces a Universal Mobile Health Pass, a secure digital tool that empowers patients to easily manage their health data and provide necessary consents. Furthermore, the platform allows businesses to quickly become collection sites, thereby enabling them to monetize their premises. Additionally, the platform’s automated reporting and rapid deployment of collection sites add value to business operations.


Current healthcare processes are slow and analog, with a lot of paper-based operations still taking place. Lack of digitalization not only negatively impacts patients with slower and more expensive processes and less satisfaction, but also impacts healthcare providers. Slower and costly processes decreases revenues and ability to provide better services. With a fully digital process, healthcare providers can save money, time and benefits from enhanced services and advantages such as data analytics, more interoperability and fewer errors. Patients would experience an improved overall experience leading to more satisfaction and better privacy and control of their data. The future of healthcare is digital, and blockchain can contribute to this better future.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Global date and time stamp using Blockchain Technology
  • Improve satisfaction for patients with improved and paperless experience
  • Enhanced privacy and security through secure ID and data control.
  • Increased revenues for labs
  • Reduce costs through automation and paperless processes
  • Give labs a competitive edge by offering innovative and digital solutions
  • Minimize legal risk through enhanced compliance processes
Further Info

From Rymedi: “Rymedi removes the friction of a manual, paper filled operation to quickly connect with customers and patients and scale your lab outside its four walls with higher testing throughput and lower total cost of ownership.

From patient consent and a universal mobile health pass to rapid collections deployment and automated reporting, Rymedi elevates the diagnostic experience and takes your lab to the next level.”


Project is live. Research by Alexandre on November 2023.

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