Institutional Blockchain Solution Solving Issues in Beverage Logistics


EY OpsChain Traceability solution is a platform that ensures traceability and transparency in a supply chain ecosystem by utilizing notarization and tokenization. By harnessing blockchain technology, it empowers clients to enhance brand equity, revenue, and operational performance in the long run.

As the pioneer in this field, Birra Peroni, an Italian beer company under the Asahi Group, was the first to embrace EY OpsChain Traceability to notarize information and tokenize goods using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum public blockchain. Leveraging the EY blockchain-as-a-service offering, Birra Peroni mints unique NFTs for every new batch of beer, enabling improved visibility and efficiency throughout its supply chain. Upon reaching the hands of Italian consumers, each bottle is equipped with a QR code on its label. Scanning the code provides an exclusive glimpse into the creation process through videos, images, and data stored on the NFT pertaining to that specific batch.


The upcoming phase of Birra Peroni’s project focuses on enhancing the blockchain traceability solution by incorporating data that enables Peroni to comprehend the environmental impact of barley cultivation. This includes tracking the amount of seed, fuel, fertilizer, and water utilized for each crop yield. Presently, the farmers themselves provide information regarding their fuel, water, and fertilizer usage. However, the objective is to automate the collection of this data by equipping trucks, water pumps, and fertilizer equipment with intelligent sensors. Additionally, the integration with external data sources, in collaboration with precision farming partner xFarm, will enrich the farmer’s data and streamline the acquisition of field data through digitalization and automation. In the future, Birra Peroni envisions extending blockchain traceability to include the company’s bottle producers and logistics providers, both of which contribute significantly to carbon emissions. Currently, the tracking of glass bottles ceases once they leave the brewery, without accounting for their journey prior to arriving at the plant.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Increased transparency across the network
  • Enhanced authenticity with asset tokenization
  • Flexibility into sourcing and planning
  • Eliminated manual reconciliations
  • Automated contract execution
  • Single, immutable version of the truth for authorized stakeholders
  • Provided one immutable truth for authorized stakeholders
  • Improved tracking and visibility of sustainability parameters
  • Siloed systems integrated into one environment
Further Info

MIT Sloan Management Review: “Using blockchain’s distributed ledger technology, businesses can collect all the relevant information about an end product as it makes its way through its supply chain — in Birra Peroni’s case, from the field to the bottle — in a trusted, traceable, and automated way, without the support or intervention of a centralized authority.”


Research by Andrej in November 2023.

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