Month: July 2018

How to beat Amazon with Blockchain technology

Interview with Antony Welfare for his keynote presentation at BlockchainLive 2018 on Blockchain Retail and Supply chain use cases   I had the pleasure to discuss my thought on Blockchain technology in Retail, Supply Chain and CPG businesses.  I truly believe that adopting Blockchain technology will allow Retailers to compete and event beat Amazon In this […]

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The Retail Handbook – Blockchain Live 2018

Great to be filming the interview with Austin Earl from Blockchain Live discussing my presentation on September 26th at the event Innovating Retail And Supply Chain – Blockchain As A Key Component Of Digital Transformation Strategies Make sure you join me in September for more details and of course to get your copy of #TheRetailHandbook   #retail #digitaltransformation #supplychainmanagement #Blockchain 

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Board Advisor to UK Government APPG Blockchain

I am privileged to be a Board adviser to the UK Government APPG Blockchain group. For those of you who do not know what APPG is let me briefly explain – an APPG is All Party Parliamentary Group, and set up to advise the entire government on issues, irrespective of their political party, or their […]

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APPG Blockchain Expert Panel

Great set of experts for the #APPG #Blockchain for the UK Government Interesting mix of large companies, start ups, academia and international companies A fabulous group managed by Birgitte Andersen and her team from Big Innovation Centre on behalf of Grant Shapps MP and Damien Moore MP Looking forward to driving the Blockchain agenda for […]

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Global Retail Trust – How Blockchain can help develop the new world of Retail relationships

    The global Grocery market is in the midst of significant and fundamental transformation. Over the past few weeks, a number of big announcements have rocket the world of retail: Amazon entered the US and UK bricks and mortar grocery markets, when it purchased Whole foods and quickly integrated Amazon and Whole foods Krogers announced […]

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