Board Advisor to UK Government APPG Blockchain

I am privileged to be a Board adviser to the UK Government APPG Blockchain group. For those of you who do not know what APPG is let me briefly explain – an APPG is All Party Parliamentary Group, and set up to advise the entire government on issues, irrespective of their political party, or their position in either house.

Set up by The Big Innovation Centre, and with a comprehensive two year programme, the aim is to give the government advice on what to do with Blockchain technology for the UK. The chairs of the APPG are the Rt Hon Grant Shapps and Damien Moore MP

The mission of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) is to ensure that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.

We bring evidence, use cases and future policy scenarios while considering industry and societal implications as well as environmental opportunities.

My role on the APPG is as an Advisory Board Member, where I give my advice on Blockchain from the last few years working with Blockchain technology.

As you would expect, my specialist subject within Blockchain is of course Retail – I have extensive experience in Blockchain for Retail and supply chain and this advice I bring to the APPG

Antony Welfare UK Government Blockchain Board Advisor

I attended the second evidence session, held at portcullis house, where I gave evidence on Blockchain in Supply Chain – I discussed the critical importance of the supply chain and the fact that Blockchain will revolutionise the supply chain

Read my summary here

To date, I have attended two dinners, at the Palace of Westminster, where we discuss the topics of Blockchain, the first dinner was looking at whether Blockchain is transformational – with a resounding yes from the expert team advisers.

Antony Welfare UK Government Blockchain Board Advisor

At the second dinner, the topic was whether there will be big winners from this new technology and whether is was actually an industry. It was a lively debate, with the overriding view that Blockchain is a transformational technology and enabler to improving business and social causes

Antony Welfare UK Government Blockchain Board Advisor

I look forward to more debates over the coming months

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