Scores Explained

Only verified projects are scored – projects stay in researched status until the CBRC team have either spoken to the team directly or have concrete evidence that the project took place and is as per the description

CBRC Scoring methodology is built using expertise from a number of institutions and Academia

All Use case scores are verified using Blockchain Technology, shared on XRP Ledger and a certificate issued for each CBRC score, which is fully verifiable on Blockchain, using XRP Ledger:

Not every business case or project warrants a blockchain solution. We dive into the details of why (or why not) using blockchain may make sense. We designed the Use Case scoring metrics to help shape a conversation around blockchain appropriateness for any use case

The scoring metrics look at 10 areas where Blockchain technology is useful, applicable and beneficial for a Use case. Each area is then scored and the overall Use case Score is applied.

Scores from 0 to 100

  • 0 Least applicable to Blockchain technology Use case
  • 100 Most applicable to Blockchain technology Use case
  • TBC = To Be Calculated

How do we ensure the projects are Real Uses of Blockchain Technology?

The Research, Scoring and Verification process for a Scored CBRC Use Case Project:

  1.  The information is submitted exclusively from the project team for the Blockchain project (CBRC Submission)
  2. The submission is researched by CBRC team
  3. An Interview with the project Team recorded* 
  4. A Project score for Blockchain applicability awarded (CBRC Score)
  5. A Certificate issued Ledger (CBRC Verify)

Note: Only Use Cases with a CBRC Score have been through this process, other Use cases are at the Research stage

* The Recorded interview will only be shared Subject to agreement

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