Scores Explained

All CBRC Use cases are scored using the CBRC ScoreĀ 

CBRC Scoring methodology is built using expertise from a number of institutions and Academia

All Use case scores are verified using Blockchain Technology, shared on XRP Ledger and a certificate issued for each CBRC score, which is fully verifiable on Blockchain, using XRP Ledger:

Not every business case or project warrants a blockchain solution. We dive into the details of why (or why not) using blockchain may make sense. We designed the Use Case scoring metrics to help shape a conversation around blockchain appropriateness for any use case

The scoring metrics look at 10 areas where Blockchain technology is useful, applicable and beneficial for a Use case. Each area is then scored and the overall Use case Score is applied.

Scores from 0 to 100

  • 0 Least applicable to Blockchain technology Use case
  • 100 Most applicable to Blockchain technology Use case
  • TBC = To Be Calculated
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