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Bimtrazer is a service platform focused on saving time and money. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied to BIM (Building Information Management) models – Guaranteeing integrity in construction – using AI to de-risk investments

Bimtrazer uses AI to analyse the progress of complex property developments and to identify opportunities to spot and manage variance from project plan, save money and to create efficiencies wherever possible. With so many moving parts in the development process, Bimtrazer uses a Blockchain tracking and predictive solution to help their clients have visibility on progress and accurately forward plan for all eventualities in the next stages.

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Bimtrazer uses traceability via data snapshots to tokenise every material used in a complex design and build project, allowing property investors the ability to track exactly what stage the project is at and how much material is being used and will be required.

This unique approach is based on SB2 technology – a computational methodology that performs the detection of incidents and predicts their future impact.

Each stage of the construction process will be tokenised, ensuring ‘levels of completeness’ but also creating a token or security which can be used to finance the next stage of development.

With Automatic Learning algorithms, the platform can detect critical incidents and even predict the displacement of work time. Moreover, it generates real-time alerts via mobile devices that inform construction management and contractors of the current project status. 

Bimtrazer at ExpoEDIFICA 2019 

“Symbol has important characteristics that we do not find in other Blockchains: Speed, metadata management, multilevel multi-signature transactions, atomic exchanges between chains, creation and organization of mosaics on hierarchical structures and above all an extreme flexibility of integration with different programming languages. This is why Symbol covers the expectations of Bimtrazer not only in the present, but also for future plans.”

Pablo Eduardo Romero
CTO, Bimtrazer
Benefits & Outcomes

Bimtrazer won the Tech innovation award in LATAM and has engaged clients across Latin America (Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Peru) as well as Europe and the Middle East.

From the Cointelegraph interview:

Engineer Pablo Romero explained why they chose the NEM blockchain for their traceability system: “We work on the NEM blockchain because , unlike other blockchains, it has the possibility of using smart assets, which serve us well. to host all the traceability pieces that we do on the construction site and that is immediately disseminated throughout the network of nodes distributed in the world and it is technically impossible for that information to be modified.”

“This allows adding transparency to the execution of construction projects, which is very important especially in public management works,” he added.

Romero explained that Bimtrazer combines cutting-edge technologies for remote control and management of civil works: “Building Information Modeling (BIM), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Geomatics, Telemetry and Blockchain. It is designed to minimize additional construction costs and travel times during construction. It has the ability to control the life cycle of a construction, from design to commissioning.”

Bimtrazer uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect critical incidents and predict the time displacement of the work, generating real-time alerts that inform construction management and contractors about the current status of the project, directly on their mobile devices. “In addition, it includes 4D visualization, that is, a three-dimensional model of the past, present and future of the project, using a Virtual Reality system to optimize the supervision and marketing processes,” the company explained.

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Three processes that make the difference:

  1. BIM – Use our BIM/SB2 certified architects or become one
  2. AI – Upload your BIM/SB2 model to our platform, configure the work plan and let Artificial Intelligence find and communicate to you daily the most optimal path to execute it.
  3. Blockchain – From the construction site, send an image and certify the progress. The platform will automatically carry out traceability on the Blockchain

The project is live and operational

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