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Government puts land titles on the blockchain

Blockchain Notarization is a very interesting use case for Blockchain Technology because it allows multiple use cases to be resolved in the same form. It basically consists of generating a sequence of cryptographic tests and registering them or linking them to some asset on the blockchain. This allows the chain to have a fast tool […]

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Healthcare Blockchain – From Siloed Centralization To Decentralized Eco-system

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical process es are difficult and complex for the patient and the parties involved In the above diagram, all of these entities on the right create another instance of a person’s identity, which is represented by the servers sitting between the person and the entities on the right. This creates multiple authentication gateways […]

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E-Voting Platform Enables Vote Based on Blockchain in Switzerland

Supporting the transition to digital democracy, e-Vote is a solution that, due to its blockchain nature, makes voting instantaneous, anonymous, immutable, transparent and auditable. “Luxoft is proud to have an opportunity to work together with the city of Zug to explore various blockchain applications,” said Vasily Suvorov, Chief Technology Officer at Luxoft. “As Europe’s leading […]

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Cordentity – Sharing your data without losing control

Cordentity is an identity Corda application (CorDapp) that brings Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) capabilities to other CorDapps. In other words, Cordentity = Corda + Identity. We developed Cordentity to take advantage of SSI capabilities enabled by Hyperledger Indy. As there’s no official definition of Self Sovereign Identity, it’s important to clarify that Hyperledger Indy is […]

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Upload and Share validated ID documents on Blockchain

CBA is quickly building TymeDigital into a full service digital bank, delivering services through self-service kiosks that allow users to authenticate themselves, verify their details and transfer money. CEO Ian Narev revealed its South African digital bank – TymeDigital by Commonwealth Bank South Africa – had run an experiment with distributed ledger technology which would […]

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