Customs Service Excise Licensing and Taxes


The Nigerian Customs authority wanted to protect revenue by identifying fraudulent & counterfeit goods, licenses and approvals, & determine duties owed.  Using Blockchain technology to enable transparency & distributed single source of truth among 6 organizations

6 different groups (NCS, Banks, Food and Drug Administration and Control, Standards organization) participated in platform solution with analytics and integration to existing data sources

Aber T Benjamin, Assistant Comptroller General Modernisation, Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), said: “We used Oracle’s blockchain to build a trusted platform for the automation of Customs Excise Trade business processes and procedures.

“Using this technology, we found the entire business environment can be migrated to blockchain to automate processes and create transparency and predictability. Once the transition to blockchain is completed, NCS expects revenue growth increase of about 50%.

“This technology helps our organisation to build global trust for Nigerian businesses through irrefutable data on goods manufactured in the country.”

  • Used blockchain to easily identify counterfeit goods, fraudulent licenses
  • Quickly and easily process claims and determine duty owed with blockchain
  • 35% reduction in processing time, and enhanced collection of duties
Benefits & Outcomes

Before the Blockchain solution there were many issues:

  • Paper based records
  • Records often lost in transit
  • Complicated and error-prone reconciliation processes
  • Delayed settlement
  • Manual on-boarding of excise traders
  • Limited scale to collect duty
  • Largely a manual process
  • Low transparency for government and regulatory bodies

Once completes the Blockchain Benefits were immense:

  • Digital immutable records
  • Digital delivery of records
  • No reconciliation required
  • Faster settlement
  • Automated on-boarding
  • Scalable solution to collect duty
  • Automated processes
  • Greater transparency to government and regulatory bodies
Further Info

Moving from a paper based excise duty collection and licensing process to utilizing a blockchain network built on Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service as the single source of truth for license issuance and excise duty payments


Pilot Phase

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