Type: Financial Transactions

Intercompany on blockchain

Blockchain technology is a critical solution to the intercompany issue as it will automate the entire intercompany process, eradicating the need for intercompany reconciliations, and ensuring that any balances and issues are surfaced quickly and dealt with efficiently Eliminate reconciliations and manual errors Headcount efficiency Liquidity management Foreign exchange risk is minimized Foreign exchange can […]

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Customs Service Excise Licensing and Taxes

The Nigerian Customs authority wanted to protect revenue by identifying fraudulent & counterfeit goods, licenses and approvals, & determine duties owed.  Using Blockchain technology to enable transparency & distributed single source of truth among 6 organizations 6 different groups (NCS, Banks, Food and Drug Administration and Control, Standards organization) participated in platform solution with analytics […]

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Blockchain manages Oil Company Bank Guarantee

“We are dealing with a lot of vendors and intermediaries, to source the crude. Similarly, we are dealing with numerous customers, wherein we have to provide a lot of product certificates. We also deal with many banks. Of course, many of these parties are untrusted and this is where blockchain can have a use case […]

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Bank launches Blockchain Cross Border Transfers

As a market leader in the use of new financial technology and catering to the evolving needs of customers, AJIB was the first bank in the MENA region to launch the Oracle Blockchain Cross Border Transfers between AJIB subsidiaries that offer instant,  more secure, and cost efficient transfers through AJIB Online available 24/7 to customers. […]

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Healthcare Accumulators Solution with Blockchain

In the healthcare payer space, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums must be processed carefully. Managed as accumulators, both medical and pharmacy claims processing systems need to be in sync to provide accurate amounts from pharmaceuticals, to payers, to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), to the patient. But with current technology, systems not run in real time could […]

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Blockchain solution which can track all activities in a distributed network

Solar Site Design helped found the Energy Blockchain Network in 2018 to solve a unique challenge. With its collaborative platform, Solar Site Design combines with multiple parties who work independently. Each party delivers value at different stages and each receives compensation for their value contributed. “We needed an immutable record for the state of a […]

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