Full tracking and transfer of ownership of e-commerce packages


Intelipost a Brazilian-based Transportation Management SaaS for logistics that allows e-commerce retailers to lower shipping costs, improve control, and achieve better delivery SLAs.

Aiming to become the main freight management platform in Brazil, Intelipost is one of the world’s pioneers in the use of the Oracle Blockchain Platform. The service allows organizations to build blockchain networks to conduct safer and more efficient transactions and to track goods through supply chains on a global scale.

They needed to implement a more robust system for package tracking and transfer of ownership (over 3-4 trucking companies) to reduce high levels of fraud, theft, and damages.

The solution decided, was the implement the Oracle Blockchain cloud service in conjunction with the largest retailers to enable full tracking and transfer of ownership of e-commerce packages as well as providing full visibility into logistics chain, which allows for faster customer inquiry response.

Results for all parties were an important part of the project and the main two were:

  • Insurers: reduced payouts due to fraud and theft.
  • Shippers: Higher customer satisfaction when shipper has full visibility and can respond to customer inquiries.
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Track and transfer ownership of e-Commerce packaging
  • Reduced high levels of fraud, theft and damages
  • Full visibility to logistics chain also allows for faster customer inquiry response

“With our blockchain solution, we were able to deliver a faster integration time than our current solution. Blockchain also helps to simplify the process of auditing and validation and enables a more secure supply chain cycle that is less susceptible to fraud. Finally, by centralizing the transit information, anyone with the access key has full, real-time visibility into a package’s status along the route to its final destination. To better understand how Intelipost is leveraging blockchain, take a look at this video.

Stefan Rehm is the founder of Intelipost

Further Info

“It is interesting that our business model is to intermediate operations between retailers and transporters and the nature of the blockchain is precisely to disintermediate relationships. So we are building something that could destroy our own business model in four or five years”, says Stefan Rehm, CEO of Intelipost. “When you are faced with a decision like this you can either try to destroy blockchain and try to make it disappear or you can embrace it and be the leader of the matter, evolving our own business model in tandem with this new technology.”


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