Healthcare Blockchain – From Siloed Centralization To Decentralized Eco-system


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical process es are difficult and complex for the patient and the parties involved

In the above diagram, all of these entities on the right create another instance of a person’s identity, which is represented by the servers sitting between the person and the entities on the right.

This creates multiple authentication gateways increasing the probability of data breaches, data inaccuracies and access to data challenges.

Importantly, this creates a scenario where the person’s identity is now beyond the control of the individual.

Identity is a structural component of the healthcare systems

3 Core Personas on the Left

  • Member
  • Consumer
  • Patient

They have Relationships to multiple healthcare ecosystem organizations

  • Payers – Government Programs, Employer Plans, Private Plans
  • Providers – PCP, Hospitals, Specialists, Vision, Dental, etc
  • Pharmacies
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Imaging Centers
  • Labs
  • Pharma and Life Sciences Research Institutes

A Healthcare Blockchain solution would provide one verified identity and view of the process:


Where you are able to provide digital attested information because you are the source of info and there is an audit trail of sharing of the data

Ultimately, we could carry the digital proofs on the phone and the provider digitally scans this for all the relevant information


Benefits & Outcomes
  • Digitally prove identity to access systems or receive services
  • Audit trail of what information has been shared with whom and when
  • Only share minimal amount of information with each entity
Further Info

There are no established scalable end-to-end Blockchain powered processes in Pharma and Healthcare today. The future state will develop from the gradual implementation of decentralized identity ecosystems on a multi-technology blockchain platform.

Current Healthcare processes:

  • Company runs non-scalable processes (TPRM, Supply chain management, Patients interactions, etc.)
  • Ineffective & time consuming collaborations Regulatory complexity impacts efficiency of the processes
  • Manual & complex backtracking
  • No end-to-end visibility of the processes

Future, Blockchain powered process:

  • Company becomes a node in the integrated eco-system
  • Distributed ownership for process orchestration
  • Digitized documentation
  • Transparency of the whole process in real time
  • Verified digital history
  • Significant efficiency gain through digitalization

Research Phase

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