Major European Airline Issuing NFT-Collectibles


Lufthansa introduced Uptrip, a rewards app, in April 2023. This innovative app utilizes Lufthansa NFTs to enable travelers to gather cards that correspond to the destinations they have visited. The tokens associated with these cards, which consist of captivating photos of the destinations, are securely stored on the Polygon public blockchain. The development of Uptrip is the outcome of a collaboration between Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Miles & More, the loyalty program that powers Star Alliance. Notably, all airlines within the Lufthansa group, including Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and others, actively participate in the Uptrip loyalty program. Passengers flying with any of these airlines can now enjoy the opportunity to collect digital trading cards as part of their travel experience.


Uptrip implemented a minimum-viable product (MVP) approach by initially launching a basic version and continuously improving it based on customer feedback and incorporating new innovations. Since its soft launch, Uptrip has garnered a user base of over 20,000 registered users and has issued more than 200,000 trading cards. Building on the success of its soft launch in spring 2023, is now preparing to enter the next phase, which includes the introduction of a marketplace in the latter half of the year. While customers can already trade and sell their NFTs on existing popular marketplaces, the Uptrip marketplace will offer exclusive features and promotions specifically designed for Uptrip NFTs. Additionally, there are plans underway to expand the range of available rewards, providing more value to its users.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Increased user engagement
  • Gamification of the loyalty program
  • Brand exposure to artists/photographers
Further Info

Miles and More launch:

“Web3 is in an early stage of development. Curiosity is high. But, we also encounter questions and hesitation – which is where Uptrip hits a nerve. We make it possible for people to access this new technology,” says Kristian Weymar, Director New Business Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

“We are delighted to see so much interest in Uptrip. Gamification elements introduce participants to Web3 technologies such as NFTs in a fun way. Furthermore, we have managed to transfer the enthusiasm for collecting that people know from trading card booklets into a digital space,” says Christopher Siegloch, Head of Program Development Miles & More. “Together with our customers, we are testing and developing another exciting feature in the Miles & More universe.”

Uptrip follows a minimum-viable product (MVP) approach and starts out as a bare bones version. It is continuously developed taking into account customer feedback as well as new innovations. Since the soft launch over 20,000 users have registered and over 200,000 trading cards have been issued.

With Uptrip, Miles & More reaches new members and deepens the relationship with existing ones. The gamification elements increase the stickiness of the product and lead to participants using the app again and again.’


Live. App can be downloaded here.
Research by Andrej in December 2023.

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