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Blockchain Empowered Mobility Services

“Carmakers are intertwining electric vehicles with car-sharing services. However, electric cars are not well-suited to sharing as they need to be constantly charged. This means someone may rent an electric car that is low on battery, as it was left uncharged by the previous driver,” said Vasiliy Suvorov, Chief Technology Officer at Luxoft. “We’ve created […]

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MonoChain Solution in a nutshell

MonoChain offers a ledger based on blockchain technology that shows who owns what, who is an authorized licensee, and so on, would enable everyone in the supply chain, including consumers and customs authorities, to validate a genuine product and distinguish it from a fake. MonoChain allows for provenance authentication, since verifiable details can be recorded […]

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Blockchain as an Integrated Platform for Travel & Transportation Mileage

MTO Global Co., Ltd. is a Korean startup company that provides an integrated Mileage-to-Opportunity (M2O) platform for users around the world to exchange their mileage or reward points earned from airlines, cards, and shopping into tokens and use them as a form of payment via blockchain technology. With the mileage market estimated at a value […]

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