Revolutionizing Digital Advertising with Blockchain Partnership


In a groundbreaking move, Madrid-based adtech startup Adwatch has collaborated with Telefónica Tech to enhance the authenticity of audience metrics in digital marketing campaigns. This integration involves TrustOS, Telefónica Tech‘s Blockchain-based certification solution, transforming metrics into independent and irrefutable digital evidence for legal use. The partnership establishes transparency and trust for advertisers, granting control over campaign monitoring and optimization of advertising expenditure.


TrustOS Integration for Transparency: Adwatch integrates TrustOS to ensure transparency and security in digital marketing campaigns. Blockchain technology, particularly TrustOS, becomes a game-changer in combating ad fraud. The partnership pioneers an independent seal of quality, guaranteeing the transparency of digital marketing metrics.

Blockchain’s Role in Ad Fraud Prevention: Blockchain technology, deployed by Adwatch, addresses the pervasive issue of digital ad fraud. The traceability provided by blockchain ensures that ad impacts align with the contracted terms, reducing discrepancies. Adwatch’s solution saves up to 20% of ad spend by countering fraud effectively.

Real-time Blockchain Recording for Enhanced Metrics: Audience metrics are recorded on the blockchain in real-time, allowing active participation in fraud detection. Advertisers gain evidentiary capacity through TrustOS, tracking the entire path of ads, ensuring they are not manipulated. Advertisers can make smarter budget decisions and increase campaign impact by 20% using blockchain-powered solutions.

Strategic Impact on Advertising Industry: The partnership reinforces Telefónica Tech‘s commitment to disruptive solutions, extending from digital advertising to various economic sectors. Blockchain, especially TrustOS, proves instrumental in solving real business relationship problems like ad fraud. The integration of TrustOS with Adwatch technology exemplifies the transformative power of blockchain in diverse industries.

Sustainable and Efficient Campaigns: Advertisers utilizing blockchain-powered solutions can achieve the same impact with 20% less budget, contributing to reduced carbon footprint. The blockchain-based approach streamlines advertising campaigns, making them more efficient and sustainable.

This collaborative effort signifies a significant step forward in leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the credibility, transparency, and efficiency of digital advertising. Advertisers can now navigate the challenges of ad fraud, make informed budget decisions, and contribute to a more sustainable advertising ecosystem. The partnership between Adwatch and Telefónica Tech exemplifies the practical application of blockchain solutions in addressing real-world business challenges.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Enhanced authenticity
  • Transparency and control
  • Fraud prevention
  • Real-time metrics recording
  • Cost savings
Further Info

Learn about TrustOS:

TrustOS is the managed Blockchain service that simplifies the adoption of this technology in your business processes. Thanks to TrustOS, you can incorporate Blockchain into your value proposition without the need to invest resources into acquiring in-depth knowledge of it or build a team of experts with prior experience, regardless of the size of your company, your technological profile or whether you’re an entrepreneur in any industry. TrustOS facilitates the integration with existing solutions and guarantees interoperability with other networks and ecosystems. In addition, the service is composed of a decentralised software layer based on Smart Contracts deployed in various Blockchain networks. TrustOS lays out core traceability, certification, reconciliation and tokenisation features through a set of HTTP and API libraries which interact smoothly with the existing platforms, networks and ecosystems. In short, TrustOS both acts as a trusted operating system and connects business applications directly to the feature they require from Blockchain. In a simple, rapid and reliable manner.


The Project is Live. Official press release can be accessed here.
Research by Andrej in January 2024.

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