Revolutionizing Energy Logistics with Blockchain


Blockchain for Energy (B4E) has launched its groundbreaking Commodity Transport Web3 Field Automation solution, available exclusively on the B4E Network & Platform. The platform, introduced on October 3, 2023, marks a significant leap forward in operational and financial efficiencies, merging IoT and Web3 technologies. Developed through industry collaborations, the solution digitizes validation processes for commodity deliveries and logistics, eliminating untimely information and data discrepancies. B4E‘s Web3 Field Automation benefits include decentralized delivery validation, real-time visibility, operational program management, exception-driven management, standardized commodity items, seamless integration, expandable logic, and utilization of SCADA and IoT data. This transformative solution is auditable based on immutable blockchain records, ensuring transparency and efficiency.


Raquel Clement, Chairperson of the B4E Board, and member for Chevron, emphasized the fast-paced nature of the Web3 space, with the B4E Network & Platform providing an ideal environment for adopting and scaling the commodity transport field automation solution. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the industry’s access to cost-effective solutions and significantly enhance efficiencies, particularly as the energy sector progresses towards a lower-carbon future.

B4E‘s solution ensures timely delivery visibility, enhances operational program management, and allows for exception-driven management based on tolerances. With a focus on industry-standardization, the platform promotes seamless integration with other systems through a robust API. The solution’s expandable logic enables adoption across various commodities, business units, and geographic regions. Leveraging SCADA and IoT data, B4E aims to transform how operators and vendors manage commodity transportation.


Mike Green, B4E Board Member and Digital Transformation Lead for Chesapeake Energy, highlighted the transformative nature of the solution, utilizing blockchain smart contracts to validate sensor, GPS, and other IoT data. The result is digitized and automated processes, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and reduced costs for both operators and vendors.

B4E‘s focus on optimizing processes and ensuring secure information exchange aims to strengthen counterparty relations and streamline operations. The B4E Network & Platform serves as the foundation for various applications, with Web3 Field Automation being the first in a series. The upcoming release at the end of 2023 will introduce the B4E integrated Digital Measurement Reporting Verification (dMRV) Solution, leveraging blockchain, AI, and IoT for the standardization and monetization of renewable energy production and decarbonization operations.


As a collaborative, non-profit organization, Blockchain for Energy (B4E) comprises industry experts from major energy companies, driving digital transformation toward Web3. B4E‘s goal is to develop and deploy innovative, value-added solutions, optimizing costs, increasing efficiencies, and promoting industry growth. The consortium, with members including API, Chesapeake Energy, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Repsol, serves as a safe venue for creating transformational change in the energy industry.

In summary, B4E‘s Commodity Transport Web3 Field Automation solution represents a groundbreaking application of blockchain in revolutionizing energy logistics, bringing about transparency, efficiency, and cost savings to the forefront of the industry’s operations.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Delivery validation verified by the decentralized consortium blockchain.
  • Timely delivery visibility to monitor delivered goods and services in near real-time.
  • Operational program management to monitor and enforce expected deliveries and behaviors at the item, product, or treatment level.
  • Exception-driven management, allowing automation to validate based on tolerances.
  • Standardized commodity items to promote industry-standardization for common commodities, treatments, and services.
  • Seamless integration to easily integrate with other systems through a robust API.
  • Expandable logic to allow adoption across multiple commodities, business units, and geographic regions.
  • Utilizes SCADA and IoT data to tap into existing and new SCADA and IoT data for precise operational management.
Further Info

The Blockchain for Energy (B4E) network uses Hyperledger Firefly, originally developed by Kaleido and provides the full technology stack needed for blockchain application development beyond the blockchain itself.


The project is Live and the official website can be accessed here.
Researched by Andrej in January 2024.

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