Revolutionizing Exchange and Liquidity with TitleChain’s Virdis Digital Asset Registry


The Virdis Digital Asset Registry powered by TitleChain project is a groundbreaking initiative at the intersection of physical and digital asset management. Our Unified Stable Asset Token (USAT) protocol is a novel approach to asset tokenization, with USATs representing real assets’ true essence, not just digital symbols. This protocol supports transactions in a range of digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, XRP, and upcoming CBDCs, revolutionizing digital asset management and trading. The Virdis Digital Asset Registry, powered by TitleChain, is transforming the energy sector by managing a broad spectrum of energy, emerging tech and mineral credits, futures, offsets and obligations.

Our focus is to highlight the Virdis Registry’s extensive array of over 40 USAT energy and mineral digital asset credit standards, covering a diverse range of sectors including mining, oil and gas, and renewable energies. We aim to collaborate with financial institutions to develop out our AI-powered USAT© Global Energy Credits Price & ESG Impact Index. This tool is poised to transform energy credit management, offering innovative liquidity options in the DeFi marketplace and enhancing the framework for asset management.

What is the project looking to solve?

This project addresses several key challenges in the ESG marketplace: inefficient paper and expensive carbon credit processes leading to liquidity delays and fraud risks, the absence of a reliable “trustless” platform for energy credits, unclear asset histories undermining trust, and the lack of a structured financial framework for asset trading. Our solution aims to bridge these gaps, providing a clear, efficient, and secure platform for digital asset management, liquidity options and transactions

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Token Issuance and Digital Asset Management: TitleChain’s has issued 20 billion USAT tokens for the Virdis Registry Pool VI, is valued at $250M. Coupled with a maximum treasury supply of 250 billion USATs, the targeted real world assets include carbon currency credits, carbon capture projects, water recycling resources, and rare earth minerals, underscore a diverse and substantial portfolio, all tradable on the Virdis Private Exchange.
  • Global Registry USAT Index Platform: The USAT AI-powered Digital Asset Global Registry Index platform is designed to facilitate the tokenization of established and emerging carbon credit currencies, such as RECs, RINs, CCSOs, and newer energy credits, including hydrogen energy and atmospheric water capture. This platform aims to provide a reliable, verifiable system for these assets, appealing to various marketplaces, thereby enhancing liquidity and credibility in the energy credit landscape.
  • Advanced Asset Analysis Framework: Building an advanced asset analysis framework is key to bolstering TitleChain’s digital asset management ecosystem. This includes enhancing the Virdis Digital Asset Registry, Private Exchanges, and the USAT treasury system. Such a framework will support comprehensive asset analysis and management, propelling TitleChain’s position in the digital asset space.
  • Financial Digital Asset Standard for Renewable Fuel Credits: A major goal is to establish a financial digital asset standard for RINs, aiming to significantly reduce compliance costs and tap into a substantial market potential. This strategic move could transform the trading landscape of renewable fuel credits, making them more accessible and cost-effective.
  • Expansion of Virdis Registry and Eco-Friendly Tokenization: Expanding the Virdis Registry to include the tokenization of eco-friendly technologies beginning with Intellectual Capital assets validating ownership and validated environmental impact. It will not only transform these technologies into tradable USAT tokens on the Virdis Private Exchange but also aims to revolutionize the DeFi market.
  • Rare Earth Mine Project and Investment Alignment: The mineral title rights project for a rare earth mine aligns with the IEA’s substantial investment requirements in clean energy and critical minerals. Representing future royalties through USAT-registered asset-backed tokens, this project could unlock trillions in asset value, increasing liquidity and financing options in the sector.
Further Info

TitleChain Blockchain

TitleChain’s technology stack features a range of services and specifications including USAT Custody Service, an independent Registry Mint Platform, customized Policy Engines, and Treasury Management with secure cold and MPC vaults. We employ ERC standards for NFT enhancement and maintain a decentralized digital asset registry for secure transactions. Our Root of Trust and Master Nodes ensure asset integrity and security, supported by partnerships with Storj, Netki, GK8, Liquid Mercury, Nval, and others for various operational needs

“Utilizing TitleChain’s patented infrastructure, the Virdis platform introduces the USAT, a unique NFT rooted in real-world assets. This innovative approach diverges from traditional stable tokens, offering a stable and authentic token underpinned by verifiable property title rights and additional tokens required for trading such as BTC, ETH, USDC, XRP, etc. The system ensures rapid validation, robust security, and efficient settlements, adaptable to a variety of digital currencies.

Our team, an incredible blend of industry experts, deep expertise in deploying high-value assets onto the blockchain, high frequency trading, large scale energy deployment projects to pioneering developments like the world’s first AI system on a chip and a conversational AI infrastructure. With a rich legacy spanning across prominent firms such as BNY Mellon, Barclays, JP Morgan, Google, Shell, Chevron, and Microsoft, we are positioned to lead a transformative approach in the DeFi Digital Asset Eco-Energy sector.” Pamela Norton, Founder


This Pilot Use Case was submitted to CBRC in January 2024 and Verified by Antony

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