Blockchain platform which allows businesses to trace the journey of their products


The Trackgood project, from New Zealand, is an initiative focused on leveraging blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability in supply chains. The primary purpose of this project is to provide a reliable and secure platform where businesses can track the journey of their products from the source to the consumer. By implementing this technology, Trackgood aims to increase consumer trust and credibility for brands, encourage ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices, and promote sustainability in the global supply chain. This project seeks to empower consumers with information about the origin, journey, and ethical impact of the products they purchase, thereby fostering a more responsible and informed marketplace.

Tracking the entire product journey with Blockchain Technology

The Trackgood project is an innovative initiative based in New Zealand, designed to enhance transparency and ethical practices in global supply chains through the use of blockchain technology. This project targets key issues in modern commerce such as lack of transparency, ethical sourcing, and sustainability.

At its core, Trackgood offers a blockchain-based platform that allows businesses to trace the journey of their products from production to the end consumer. This traceability ensures that all stakeholders, including consumers, have access to verifiable and tamper-proof information about the origin, processing, and distribution of products. The platform aims to build consumer trust and brand credibility by showcasing ethical and sustainable practices in product manufacturing and sourcing.

A significant aspect of Trackgood is its focus on promoting ethical and sustainable supply chains. By providing transparent data, the platform encourages businesses to adopt more responsible practices and allows consumers to make informed decisions based on the ethical and environmental impact of their purchases.

Additionally, Trackgood’s technology streamlines the supply chain process, potentially leading to more efficient operations and reduced costs for businesses. This efficiency, coupled with the drive towards ethical sourcing, positions Trackgood as a forward-thinking solution in addressing modern supply chain challenges.

The project also emphasizes collaboration with various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, to create a more accountable and sustainable global market. By doing so, Trackgood is not just a technological solution but also a movement towards a more ethical and transparent global economy.

Benefits & Outcomes

Objective: Implement Trackgood’s blockchain technology to improve supply chain transparency and sustainability.

Problem Statement: Many businesses struggle with maintaining transparency in their supply chains, leading to consumer distrust and potential ethical issues. The lack of clear traceability can also result in inefficiencies and increased costs.

Solution: Trackgood offers a blockchain-based platform that provides end-to-end traceability of products. This technology enables businesses to track products from origin to consumer, ensuring transparency and fostering consumer trust.


* Enhanced Transparency: Provides consumers with verifiable information about product origins, manufacturing, and distribution.
* Improved Brand Reputation: Demonstrates commitment to ethical practices, enhancing brand loyalty and market competitiveness.
* Increased Efficiency: Streamlines supply chain processes, potentially reducing operational costs.
* Sustainability: Encourages adoption of sustainable and ethical practices in supply chains.
* Market Differentiation: Positions businesses as leaders in ethical practices, appealing to a growing market of conscious consumers.
* Implementation: The project will involve integrating Trackgood’s platform with existing supply chain systems, training staff, and promoting the new transparency measures to consumers.

Costs: Initial investment in technology integration, training, and marketing. These costs are expected to be offset by long-term gains in efficiency, brand value, and customer loyalty.

Risks: Adoption challenges and the need for effective integration with current systems. Mitigation strategies include comprehensive training and phased implementation.

Conclusion: Implementing Trackgood’s technology presents a strategic opportunity to enhance supply chain transparency, improve brand reputation, and meet the growing demand for ethical consumerism.

Further Info

Trackgood is a New Zealand-based project utilizing blockchain technology to enhance transparency in global supply chains. It allows businesses to track their products from production to consumer, promoting ethical and sustainable practices. This platform aids in building consumer trust by providing detailed insights into product origins and manufacturing processes, fostering a more responsible global market.


The project is live and being used in a number of clients – you can check the product links and see the traceability live:

Link for products with Blockchain integrated Supply Chain:


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