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Enterprise Blockchain adoption still in the early stages 

Enterprise Blockchain adoption still in the early stages Four years ago I launched Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic Applications in the Real World at a fantastic event in Las Vegas, followed by a private event at the US senate and a number of launches across the USA and back to London, U.K. for the final launch event […]

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Blockchain and Diversity

One area in which Blockchain technology is a massively important topic is around the diversity of the new world and the ecosystem. Within the Blockchain community, there is no old school stereotypical majorities and ownership. The fact that this is a new and innovative technology, which appeals to innovators, academics, entrepreneurs as well as the […]

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Bienvenido 2020’s – #TheBlockchainDecade

Adios 2010’s the decade where I pivoted my lifetime Retail career and welcomed the world of #Blockchain technology In 2011 I published The Retail Handbook First edition (in shocking pink!) and the second edition was published in 2018 – but by then I had already “got the Blockchain bug” and added my first thought leadership […]

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Three Reasons Why Enterprise Blockchain Is Failing

After working with enterprise blockchain technology for over three years, I am becoming a little frustrated with its rate of growth. While there is evidence of growth, there is still too much holding this technology back. Current Research In its March report, IDC shared some positive findings for enterprise blockchain adoption, stating that in many […]

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Commercializing Blockchain podcast on

I was recently asked by Walid Al Saqqaf Founder of Insureblocks to talk about the book and my latest thoughts on #Blockchain and the world on enterprise Blockchain.  The following is an extract from the interview and the links to the podcast are below. Join us to discover some brilliant insights on how to commercialize blockchain: – Website: […]

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Commercializing Blockchain Meets Hell’s Kitchen

Commercializing Blockchain finds it way to Gordan Ramsay’s, Hells Kitchen at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas A pleasure to east Gordans signature: pan seared scallops and of course the beef wellington all made by the red and blue teams from the hit TV show Hell’s Kitchen A nice shot of the season 14 winner Great […]

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Commercializing blockchain launched in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

It was a pleasure to launch Commercializing Blockchain in Las Vegas, at the world famous Caesars Palace   We held the book launch with a few drinks and signing by two of my contributors Great to see such positive feedback for the book which covers the real use cases of #blockchaintechnology in #enterpriseblockchain Thanks to […]

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Commercializing Blockchain meets the klondike goldrush

Very exciting to see Commercializing Blockchain meeting the klondike goldrush at the arcticclubseattle A beautiful hotel from 1917 established by two tycoons, Alaskan E. A. Von Hasslocher and former Chicago newspaperman A. D. Coulter, who’d made their fortunes in the Klondike Gold Rush So, What’s the Blockchain  link? Blockchain technology will revolutionize the world like […]

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Chapter One – Commercializing Blockchain Complimentary from Wiley

I am very excited to share Chapter One of #commercializingblockchain compliments of the global publishing giant, the publishers of this book Click here to download Chapter One: Commercializing Blockchain – Wiley You can order the book now from and use CBAW9 to get a 20% discount – if you want to really understand […]

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