Blockchain and Diversity

Blockchain and DiversityOne area in which Blockchain technology is a massively important topic is around the diversity of the new world and the ecosystem. Within the Blockchain community, there is no old school stereotypical majorities and ownership. The fact that this is a new and innovative technology, which appeals to innovators, academics, entrepreneurs as well as the people who want a decentralized, less controlled world, has led to an exciting and beautiful mix of people.

I see a complete mix of people around the Blockchain technology world who cross boundaries, borders, religion, sex, age, beliefs, sexual orientation, status, wealth, intellect, hobbies, disabilities, etc.

The people who are looking at Blockchain technology see no boundaries and have a global mindset – this is important.


The ability to see the foundations of a technology which allows more control to each person, improves trust (in a world of fake news) and allows more direct relationships (less intermediaries) has brought together everyone from every sphere of life.


I love this part of the Blockchain world, I see fresh ways to look at the world:

  • More trust
  • Lots more sharing
  • More collaboration
  • Less judgments
  • New and developing ideas

There seems to me to be an “In it together” mentality where we can develop this together and we are all equal in our contributions. Nobody, at this stage anyway, knows any more than any other person – Blockchain technology is still too new. If anyone tells you otherwise they are lying – it takes 10 years to become an expert and the reality of Blockchain technology is only around 5 to 7 years.

The mentality of “in it together”, is helping to develop some amazing communities, consortiums and groups. I have been to countless meetups, held countless Keynotes and met with countless users of Blockchain technology, and each time I find a new piece of information and learn something new about my world now and the world in the future.

The birth of this new technology, which is global and free, has meant that the old networks are now defunct – you do not need a certain name, a certain salary, drive a certain car or live in a certain country to add to this world – you can add to the development of Blockchain technology from anywhere with an internet connection.

This is exciting – this means you can be truly global and truly work with people from any background – I do this daily and I can only see this getting wider and more inclusive as we progress.
Technology is not just about making money and building business, it is also an enabler to a brighter, more inclusive and more culturally diverse world – embrace it and don’t fight the change.

Excerpt taken from the book – Commercializing Blockchain, Published by Wiley 2019

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