Blockchain as an Integrated Platform for Travel & Transportation Mileage


MTO Global Co., Ltd. is a Korean startup company that provides an integrated Mileage-to-Opportunity (M2O) platform for users around the world to exchange their mileage or reward points earned from airlines, cards, and shopping into tokens and use them as a form of payment via blockchain technology. With the mileage market estimated at a value of US$1,780 billion within the next few years, MTO Global aims to build and attract 50 million worldwide members in the next 2 years.

To support this goal, MTO Global needed to adopt a complete, production-ready blockchain platform and enable the business to quickly develop and integrate M2O wallets and M2O coins into the various systems of alliance partners—including mileage accumulation and payment systems—before the opening of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Providing global integrated mileage platform that converts insufficient transportation mileage into new opportunities

Benefits & Outcomes
  • Provided a secure and reliable M2O platform for customers to easily buy and sell their mileage or points and exchange them into cryptocurrency by adopting Oracle Blockchain Platform with Oracle Database Cloud Service to store data, manage contracts, and handle real-time payment transactions
  • Secured customer data by using Oracle Blockchain Platform to hold confidential personal information, such as accumulated mileage, user history, and converted points
  • Reduced operating costs for compliance requirements and allowed the business to allocate more budget to sales and marketing by leveraging the self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities of Oracle Blockchain Platform to simplify blockchain network operation and ensure the security of M2O infrastructure
  • Enabled the business to continuously partnered with large airline partners, including Star Alliance and Sky Team Airline Alliance, before the ICO by building the integrated mileage platform with Oracle Blockchain Platform and gaining trust and confidence from the potential business partners during the negotiations
  • Enhanced the customer experience by revolutionizing the mileage-based reward programs and providing an innovative way for users to accumulate, trade, and exchange points across various participating business partners, such as airlines and retailers, and use points to buy goods in the ‘real world’
  • Increased speed to market by deploying smart contracts, which eliminate the need for additional training for developers and making it easy to add new partner organizations to the trusted business networks with API calls
  • Gained a competitive edge and supported the growth plan to reach 50 million users in 2 years by leveraging the Hyperledger Fabric of Oracle Blockchain Platform to easily integrate and link services with different vendors via REST API and deliver greater benefits to users through the expanded network of alliance partners
Further Info

The business launched an “Integrated Mileage Platform” supporting the conversion of transportation mileages into commercial loyalty points, to help keep consumer loyalty and expand the reach to broader community within the participants.

With Blockchain, all participants simultaneously manage identical transaction data for mileage status, mileage history per customer without additional reconciliation

  • Swap your transportation mileage for commercial loyalty points.
  • Transfer Debt to revenue for companies travel & transportation
  • For others as new business model to exchange loyalty programs



Live and Launched

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