Type: Tokenization

Intercompany on blockchain

Blockchain technology is a critical solution to the intercompany issue as it will automate the entire intercompany process, eradicating the need for intercompany reconciliations, and ensuring that any balances and issues are surfaced quickly and dealt with efficiently Eliminate reconciliations and manual errors Headcount efficiency Liquidity management Foreign exchange risk is minimized Foreign exchange can […]

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Bank launches Blockchain Cross Border Transfers

As a market leader in the use of new financial technology and catering to the evolving needs of customers, AJIB was the first bank in the MENA region to launch the Oracle Blockchain Cross Border Transfers between AJIB subsidiaries that offer instant, ┬ámore secure, and cost efficient transfers through AJIB Online available 24/7 to customers. […]

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Blockchain as an Integrated Platform for Travel & Transportation Mileage

MTO Global Co., Ltd. is a Korean startup company that provides an integrated Mileage-to-Opportunity (M2O) platform for users around the world to exchange their mileage or reward points earned from airlines, cards, and shopping into tokens and use them as a form of payment via blockchain technology. With the mileage market estimated at a value […]

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