Use Cases

Government puts land titles on the blockchain


Blockchain Notarization is a very interesting use case for Blockchain Technology because it allows multiple use cases to be resolved in the same form.

It basically consists of generating a sequence of cryptographic tests and registering them or linking them to some asset on the blockchain. This allows the chain to have a fast tool to carry out from traceability of information or assets, documents, certificates or any object that is imagined to proof of ownership and history of this data. Anything can be registered.

In fact, the NFTs are still this type of evidence IPFS Hash registered and tied to a token in order to have proof of ownership and history. Notarization comes to be the same but records the information in accounts and keys instead of tokens if they do not require direct transfer and ownership, although the use case is very similar.

Cases that can be used thanks to this is the tokenization or registration of rights or bonds, any certificate, property, document, ETF, right to a participation etc … Anything that allows registering these tests without having to send it from wallet to wallet already that are not assets that are usually transferred P2P on a recurring basis, rather assigned and consulted and reassigned.

This system allows you to build the cryptographic proofs in a modular way with the resources of the XRPL network, and give you a web-based browser, classifier and filter to access it, as well as auto-generate certificates that are much easier to understand.

Benefits & Outcomes

The goal of the project is to implement a solution of an ownership register to prove the viability and usability of blockchain technology for such a system in real life situations.

The system will be based on unique identifications and immutable registrations on the blockchain of:

  • Countries (Sovereign States)
  • Owners:
    • Natural persons as citizens of a Country
    • Organizations/Companies registered in a Country
  • Notaries: citizens with the legal authority to act as a Notary in a Country
  • Immovable properties located in a Country
    • The list of supported categories of immovable properties includes, but is not limited to:
    • pieces of land, houses, other types of buildings and apartments.
Further Info

From Decrypt:

Many land owners in Colombia still don’t have papers to certify ownership over parcels they inhabit, Ripple Labs added. The project will start by certifying more than 100,000 land adjudications.

“With the public blockchain, once the transaction is recorded, it can never be deleted,” added Antony Welfare, a senior adviser at Ripple Labs. “That’s the most important part. If the government system is blown up, the owner of land will still be in a blockchain because it is held around the world in different nodes.”

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