Investment in Real Estate (RWA) powered by Blockchain


Balize embodies the convergence of traditional investment strength and advanced technology, offering innovative pathways for investment. Positioned as a financial platform, they specialize in issuing, managing, and trading digital securities within the real estate sector. Their mission is to democratize access to private markets through the tokenization of exploitation rights.

As the issuer of tokens and the provider of technological infrastructure, balize empowers investors with premium products thanks to its network of real estate partners. They offer a solid legal framework and disruptive functionalities to simplify the processes and management of investments.

The project aims to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the emerging tokenization market, leveraging the liquidity and optimization capabilities offered by blockchain technology. balize addresses the non-fungibility of real estate investments, transforming them into liquid financial products. Their vision is to lead technological innovation in the European investment industry, providing solutions that optimize, maximize liquidity, and enhance security.

How does Balize work?

Their platform enables you to invest in real estate projects. They identify market opportunities with high returns and present the project to our investors through the platform. The total project amount includes all necessary expenses to deliver the advertised returns, encompassing property acquisition, renovations, and all associated costs.

The Business Case

  • In 2023, balize successfully raised €1,2 million from investors in order to acquire 10 assets generating +7% annual revenues from the exploitation and +10% of capital gain from the asset sales.
  • In 2024 balize aims to multiply by 15 the amount of raised capital and to generate over € 500k of profits for the investors.
  • During the first year, the team has remarkably grown from 1 to 11 members, reflecting the increasing success of balize business.
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Greater accessibility: facilitating access for investors.
  • Increased liquidity: transforming investments into liquid financial instruments.
  • Reduced transaction Costs: enhancing transaction speed and reducing costs.
  • Financial flexibility: enabling flexible financial structuring.
  • Transparency: ensuring transparency in investment tokens.
  • P2P transactions: facilitating peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Diversification: allowing investment diversification across different properties/projects.
  • Internationalization: expanding investment opportunities globally.
  • Security: ensuring enhanced security and complete transparency in our operations.
Further Info

The platform relies on blockchain as their infrastructure’s core:

“For every asset displayed on our dashboard, we deploy an ERC-3643, a state-of-the-art smart contract that provides fungibility while adhering to Spain’s crypto regulations. In addition, we enhance user experience and reduce the knowledge gap required to utilize blockchain technologies by integrating non-custodial wallets directly into our platform. This approach not only simplifies blockchain usage for non-technical users but also preserves the key principles of Web3: decentralization and ownership. Finally, we provide the liquidity aspect to our assets through the use of Automated Market Makers (AMMs). AMMs allow our users to immediately buy and sell shares of assets at any time and without the need for a counterparty.”


The project is in pilot stage and being ramped up

This Use Case was submitted to CBRC in February 2024 and Verified by Antony

The CBRC Score of 78 has been awarded: “Real estate investment is a complex task with many different parties involved (Investors, owners, land registry, landlords, regulators etc), and the Balize solution would make it significantly more accessible for more people to be able to: 1) Invest in Tokenized Real estate without having to own the asset 2) Access a “fraction of the equity” – the investor only needs to purchase an amount the feel comfortable with 3) Do it at speed 4) Do it at low cost. Using Blockchain Technology to ensure there is one view of the truth for all the parties concerned. ”

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