Real estate tokenization advances in Germany thanks to Blockchain technology


In August 2023, the German real estate tokenization platform Tectrex, in collaboration with Gloram Real Estate (an independent and private real estate investor and manager), made a significant advancement in the property market by launching the Central View bond on the Polygon public blockchain. This innovative real estate digital security, aligned with Germany’s digital securities regulation eWpG, marks a significant milestone in integrating blockchain technology into the real estate sector.

Backed by prominent partners like digital assets startup 360X, supported by Deutsche Börse and Commerzbank, and advised by Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank, this venture creates the way for a new era of investment, transparency, and efficiency in real estate transactions. The initiative is a testament to Germany’s growing interest in digital solutions for financial advancements, particularly in leveraging blockchain for real estate tokenization.

Benefits of Digital Securities:

Digital securities bring a number of benefits to the investment landscape, particularly in the real estate sector. Chief among these is the important reduction in costs and risks associated with transactions. By potentially eliminating the need for central clearing and allowing issuers to sell directly to investors, digital securities streamline the investment process, reduce intermediaries, and lower entry barriers. This democratizes access to real estate investment, enabling a broader range of investors to participate in the market. Furthermore, the use of public blockchains for issuing digital securities enhances liquidity and market efficiency, making investments more flexible and accessible. The integration of digital securities in real estate investment not only propels the industry forward but also signifies a shift towards a more inclusive, efficient, and transparent investment ecosystem.

What does the Tectrex platform do?

Tectrex tokenizes real estate and generates a fungible and regulated security that can be traded digitally. the three cornerstones of the tectrex service are the product, the marketplace, and the structuring and distribution coordination:

  • The product – The tokenized security either represents profit participation rights to the real estate asset, or a fixed income debt instrument
  • The Structuring and Distribution coordination – Structuring and distribution coordination entails assisting asset owners during the deal structuring and tokenization processes
  • The marketplace – a combination of tools to help investors and asset owners along the entire deal lifecycle, from product discovery to decision-making, from execution to investor services
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Enhanced Liquidity and Market Accessibility: Real estate tokenization on the blockchain opens the market to a wider range of investors by increasing liquidity and lowering entry barriers.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency: Digital securities streamline transactions, reducing costs by minimizing intermediaries and the need for central clearing.
  • Improved Transparency and Trust: Blockchain’s immutable ledger enhances transaction transparency and trust, securing a reliable record of ownership and history.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Security: The project adheres to Germany’s eWpG regulations, ensuring legal security and compliance in digital securities issuance.
  • Innovative Investment Opportunities: Offering a secondary market for tokenized assets, the project expands investment opportunities into new asset classes like art and music.
  • Integration of Advanced Technology: This initiative pioneers the integration of blockchain into real estate, setting a new standard for technology adoption in the industry.
Further Info

“It was just a matter of time before we would embrace the available digital solutions for financing,” said David Ziper, Managing Director at Gloram. “This scheme enables Gloram to offer its investors a holistic integrated digital life cycle including trading, reporting, and digitally executing corporate actions.”


Project is live since Tectrex announced the latest issuance of a real estate digital security.​ Researched by Alexandre on January 2024.

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