How to earn Bitcoin whilst shopping!

During my Blockchain research I have found a website (based in the US) where you can earn Bitcoins for your shopping. is where you can sign up to earn free Bitcoins on your shopping and below I will show you how easy it is to shop

It is exactly the same model as the cashback websites, where you click the links and you can buy products form the retailers.

Once your order is complete you are issued your bitcoins.

The first part is to sign up with a bitcoin wallet address

If you do not have a bitcoin wallet I would recommend Coinbase

If you sign up here you will get 10USD if you buy 100USD of bitcoins or ether, a 10% bonus for free

Once you have a bitcoin wallet you generate an address and enter into the homepage of coinrebate

You can sign up to coinrebates here

You are then able to start shopping and the home page will show all the shops eligible for bitcoin rebates

As you can see, there are many categories and retailers listed

To start shopping, click on the retailer logo and you will be directed to a holding page and this will give you details of the offer – lets look at a Walmart example

As you can see, you earn 22 bits per dollar spent.

Click the “Shop Now” button and you will be directed to walmart

Once you have arrive on the retailer you will act as you normally do and shop as you wish. You can check the status of your shops which are being tracked on the “activity” tab in your account

Once you have completed your shop you will be credited within two days with your rebate in bitcoins

As you can see by my “Rebates” above I have been shopping on Udemy, Novica and 1-800-Flowers. The status is pending for the return period – normally 30 days

Once the returns period has passed, you will then see the payments made on your payments page and you will receive bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet

Here is the payment from my 1-800 flowers order on the 12th March 2017

And it arrives in my Coinbase account – £1.56 value

I think its a great way to receive Bitcoins for doing your shopping – and if Bitcoin continues to grow the £1.56 could be much more in the future!

You do not need to live in the USA – I live in the UK and buy things for the UK (, Udemy, 1800flowers) and also for my Gran in Canada (Origins, Walmart)

This will not make you rich, but you can earn bitcoin on your everyday shopping and you can start to use the bitcoin for other tasks – such as paying for shopping with the Bitcoin card (previous blog)

You will need a bitcoin wallet and you can sign up to Coinbase here to receive 10USD when you add 100USD – a great start into the blockchain world

#Blockchain #Bitcoin

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